(New) Sable Organic Christmas Shortbreads


Sable Shortbread cookies are free from chemicals, additives, fillers and artificial preservatives. You can pronounce very single ingredient that goes into their cookies (which we love)!  Sable Shortbreads uses the same ingredients you have at home in your pantry.  

Sable Shortbread works hard to develop original and innovative recipes that will stay yummy for weeks.  Between their family recipes and traditional baking techniques, Sable makes cookies without any additives or artificial preservatives that will stay fresh for several weeks when stored in an airtight container in a cool place.

Based in Kentville, Sable shortbread is a family owned business that bakes delicious shortbread cookies with recipes passed down from generation to generation.


  • Butter Rum: It's like memories of Christmas past. This shortbread is sweet and mellow, made with real rum from local distillery, Barrelling Tide. There's rum in the Shortbread and in the Rum Buttercream. Simply delightful. Ingredients: organic unbleached flour, butter, organic cane sugar, organic almond flour, rum. Contains tree nuts (almond), gluten and dairy.
  • Candy Cane : A Christmas favourite returns this year! This cookie is so delightful we can barely keep them in stock. A mint shortbread cookie topped with Sable's signature vanilla bean buttercream and sprinkled with all natural candy cane pieces that contain nothing artificial. Oh my! Ingredients: organic unbleached flour, butter, organic cane sugar, organic cornstarch, organic fair trade vanilla, organic peppermint extract. Contains: gluten and dairy.
  • Hot Chocolate: Sable pairs up up a creamy chocolate shortbread cookie with their very own signature buttercream and adds a sprinkle of powdered sugar to create a cookie that tastes just like a mug of hot chocolate. Ingredients: organic unbleached flour, butter, organic cane sugar, organic fair trade chocolate (cane sugar, cacao mass, cacao butter), organic fair trade cocoa, local free range eggs, organic fair trade vanilla. Contains gluten, egg and dairy.
  • Egg Nog: This recipe started with the secret family recipe for homemade eggnog which was then adapted to make this amazing cookie that tastes just like homemade eggnog. If you like your eggnog with a dash of rum, you have to try it! P.S. It is made with local Barreling Tide Rum. Ingredients: organic unbleached flour, butter, organic cane sugar, local free range eggs, local rum, vanilla, organic nutmeg. Contains gluten, eggs and dairy.
  • Classic Vanilla Buttercream: This classic favourite is delightful & features incredible vanilla buttercream on top!