Lightwater - Diffuser Blend - Winter Woods

$38.00 CAD

A walk in the woods on a crisp day. Bring the outdoors inside with a blend of tree oils - highlighting our own Canadian Black Spruce. Perfect for the holidays.

Canadian Black Spruce balances and energizes
Pine is protecting and soothing to sore muscles and joints
Cedarwood encourages emotional connection - opening the heart to receive love and support from others
Laurel Leaf is invigorating and simulating
Myrrh is purifying revitalizing and uplifting

10ml bottle with horizontal dropper

Black Spruce*, Pine*, Cedarwood, Laurel Leaf*, Myrrh
*certified organic ingredient

· Diffuse or apply throughout the day for a refreshing woodsy aroma
· Use as part of your self-care routine to reduce tension
· May help to open sinuses and ease the breath
· May help in supporting recovery

Made in Dartmouth