Find Me! Adventures In The Sky - Book


Bernard the Wolf is back in another thrilling seek-and-find adventure! This time, he’s flying high up in the sky with the help of his new friend, Enrico the Robin, who’s teaching him how to sharpen his vision. Filled with charming visual puzzles that take place in outer space, among colorful hot air balloons, inside a flock of flamingos, and more, children will have tons of fun while they develop their observation skills and practice drawing conclusions based on what they see with more than 100 hidden object games! From determining which bird is pretending to be a wizard and which alien has a cold to what seems out of place and who is the lazy acrobat, Find Me! Adventures in the Sky is sure to entertain for hours on end

Product Details:
  • Dimensions: 7.6" X 11"
  • 48 Pages