Bamboo Straws - Box of 6


The bamboo straw is a useful tool that solves our world's plastic straw problem. Bamboo is non-conductive. Bamboo straws can be used for hot and cold beverages. Drinker-protector. 100% chemical free. Eliminates exposure to leaching toxins from plastic straws. These straws are also biodegradable and can be desposed of by composting. 

Thick enough to be used for all styles of drinks, from cocktails to smoothies to hot chocolate.

Each straw has a unique saying naturally-pressed into the straw (pressed with a hand press, without the use of chemicals). And each pack of 6 has a unique combination of straws. Sayings can include: no fear, bamboo is here; pollution sucks; waste not, drink more; thirsty for change; plastic draws the short straw; sustainable hydration station; sustainable slurp; bamboozle the polluters; sustainability is tubular; you’re ex-straw-dinary; the last straw and more!