Ashwurks Charcuterie Platter

$120.00 CAD

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Make an impression in your kitchen with a stunning artisanal charcuterie platter. These boards are as versatile as they are beautiful. You’ll be inspired to showcase a selection of delectable foods­—from your favorite cheeses, crackers, and bread to hors d’oeuvres, sushi, and sandwiches.

Canadian white Ash is hand-curated into patterns made from a combination of the rich, dark heartwood and light sapwood, which come together to make platters that are unique and eye-catching. The end grain construction provides a durability that stands up to plenty of use and is resistant to knife marks (so you can feel free to cut on it). And beveled edges underneath the platter on all four sides give these boards a more sleek look while also making them easy to pick up from the counter or table. 

Dimensions: 18" x 6"

Ashwurks artisan boards are handcrafted in Nova Scotia.