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Pokoloko Fisherman Peruvian Alpaca Wool Hats (8 Colours)

$26.95 $44.95

This is truly the perfect all-season beanie. Suitable for every head size, this is made of pure Peruvian alpaca - one of the highest performing technical fibres.

For this line of Alpaca apparel, we take you directly to the source: the rural mountainsides of Peru. This best-selling Alpaca hat is designed to keep you toasty through the coldest of Canadian winters, and cozy when there is no snow on the ground.

Fashioned from one of the world’s softest, silkiest, and most luxuriant sustainable fibres, this artisan-made hat is stretchable but firm in its shape. Suitable for wet weather outings, alpaca has an ability to resist water and, even when damp, provide warmth. The hollow fibres of the alpaca fibre trap air in their core which provides enduring insulation.

We’ll provide the hat, you choose where you’ll go in it.

Product Details:

  • 100% peruvian alpaca wool
  • Unisex
  • One size fits most

Caring for Alpaca Wool:

  • Hand wash with mild soap, or machine wash on cold, delicate cycle
  • Do not wring, scrunch, stretch, or twist
  • Hang to dry or dry clean, do not dry in a dryer machine
  • Groom with a light brush in direction of the fibre
  • Can iron in the same direction on a low setting